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How to simplify getting an export health certificate (EHC)…..

Although it may at first seem daunting to apply for and try to get an EHC issued, if you follow the advice and guidelines below, it will help to speed...   Read more >

What product can I send to what country?

There are over 1,500 different EHCs (export health certificates) available, that cover the export of all types of different animal products to countri...   Read more >

Amivet team expands once again

The Amivet team has expanded recently, with two extra new fully qualified official veterinarians (OVs) now working with us. We also have two new Certi...   Read more >

Brexit planning update

The UK is due to leave the EU, at 11pm on 29th March 2019. Realistically, very few people actually want a ‘no-deal’, however this remains ...   Read more >

Changes to export health certificates over 2018/9….

At Amivet, we regularly check to see if there are any export health certificates (EHCs) that have been launched, updated, suspended or even deleted an...   Read more >

You may have seen our new report mentioned by @helentbbc on Newsnight. 34 days before the end of the Brexit transition serious concerns remain about readiness for export certification and vet capacity. https://twitter.com/BritishVets/status/1332465237262553090

#Brexitreality - from 1/1/21, a single vehicle of mixed retail goods (poultry, lamb, beef, venison, game, meat products, dairy, egg, composites, gelatin, honey, pet food etc) going to Spain via France for 2 customers may need over 80 health certs signed by official vets!

#Brexitreality - until we get 3rd country listing and any special guarantees applying, official vets do not yet know which #export health certificates we need to use, nor which sections we need to complete or delete. #36daystogo

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