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What are the top 3 target markets for food and drink exports?

Posted by andrewivesonadmin | Posted 26th September 2017 | Blog, and News

A recent survey by the FDF has shown that the 3 top target markets for food and drink exports are:-

  • China
  • India
  • UAE

China exports in particular are rising quickly, and it is the second largest none EU export market from the UK, behind the USA. The fish, meat and dairy sectors are the main animal based commodities to be exported to China.

However the survey also shows a number of concerns that potential exporters may have. At Amivet, we are experienced in signing the export health certificates (EHCs) for all 3 of these target countries (along with many more).

Check out our unique export tool that allows you to us drop down menus to find out what product can be sent to which country with an EHC. Then contact us to to discuss further how we can help with the export.

For the full report, click here.





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Simon Hall has now joined Amivet 😀 after retiring from APHA. Simon has a wealth of experience within veterinary export. In his spare time he is renovating a cottage in the Forest of Dean with his wife Vanessa and supporting their three grown up children.

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