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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 4)

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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 3)

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Oops – you can’t send that…..

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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 2)

H   HELP! Even when everything has been done correctly things can still go wrong. Here at Amivet, we have experienced a wide degree of difficulties ...   Read more >

You may have seen our new report mentioned by @helentbbc on Newsnight. 34 days before the end of the Brexit transition serious concerns remain about readiness for export certification and vet capacity. https://twitter.com/BritishVets/status/1332465237262553090

#Brexitreality - from 1/1/21, a single vehicle of mixed retail goods (poultry, lamb, beef, venison, game, meat products, dairy, egg, composites, gelatin, honey, pet food etc) going to Spain via France for 2 customers may need over 80 health certs signed by official vets!

#Brexitreality - until we get 3rd country listing and any special guarantees applying, official vets do not yet know which #export health certificates we need to use, nor which sections we need to complete or delete. #36daystogo

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