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Hong Kong red meat export certificate update

Posted by andrewivesonadmin | Posted 15th November 2017 | Blog, and News

APHA have advised of a change in the process for obtaining an export health certificate (EHC) for certain red meat products to Hong Kong. Poultry exports are currently unchanged.

There are three EHCs that will be affected:-

1957EHC  – fresh meat/meat preparations from biungulate animals (excluding bovine)

5604EHC –  meat products from biungulate animals (excluding bovine)

6669EHC – chilled/frozen meat and meat products of bovine origin

These will be replaced by two EHCs (8000EHC) using the TRACES system (trade control and expert system), with immediate effect.

The 8000EHC is only for use with fresh meat and offal. Meat preparations (where other ingredients have been added) or meat products (where the cut surface no longer has the characteristics of fresh meat) or as defined by EU reg 853/2004, can continue to be exported where necessary on 5604EHC, which is being adapted for bovine exports too.

For UK reared and slaughtered animals, a health certificate must be applied for.

If eligible EU state reared and slaughtered (but not UK), and then shipped to UK for onward export, then an export declaration must be applied for. An import license is also required from Hong Kong in this case.

***Please note the two forms above are almost identical***

  The new process to follow is as follows:-

  • Exporter must register as a user on TRACES, giving details of operators, address, premises etc
  • Exporter creates 8000EHC on TRACES and emails APHA to notify them this has been done (please see APHA guidance notes for details of how to complete the document)
  • APHA will email the EHC to the official vet (OV), the next working day
  • OV will carry out checks on product and documentation as now
  • OV completes, signs and stamps EHC and scans a copy back to APHA the same day
  • APHA notify Hong Kong electronically
  • OV sends original EHC to exporter to accompany the shipment

Please note that from creation, the 8000EHC MUST be signed by the OV within 10 days. Should this deadline expire, for example due to shipping delays, then a new EHC on TRACES must be created.

Any current 1957 or 6669 EHCs in circulation must be signed by the OV on or before 30th November 2017. All new applications must be made on TRACES.

Please click on the links below for the full guidance notes from APHA and for an example of the new style EHC.

APHA Customer Information Note

Hong Kong export health certificate specimen (UK slaughter)

Hong Kong export declaration specimen (EU slaughter)

APHA notes for guidance

Further guidance on using TRACES






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