Technical Help

Are you a clinical veterinary practice that does some product export work?

Perhaps you have been approached by a local exporter, but are new to product export and want a friendly, approachable place to turn for guidance and support.

Or maybe you already do some product export work, but you are struggling to work out how to complete the EHC, or your client wants to explore new markets.

We have OVs working with clients of all sizes, exporting just about every commodity imaginable to both EU markets, as well as to many rest of the world destinations. As such, our experienced OV “hive mind” can offer guidance in the form of a consultancy service.

“A referral service for product exports”

Whether it’s ice cream to Australia, or cell lines for medical use to the EU, we’ve probably been there, done it, and can guide and assist you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.