Audit / Training


Our large team of highly experienced product export OVs, are willing to provide training and support to other OVs/veterinary practices, who undertake product export work. There are several ways that we may be able to assist:-

  • Provide advice by phone or email
  • Carry out consultancy work through our “Hive Mind” panel of recognised industry, APHA and DEFRA specialists
  • Give access to our bespoke modular training course, hosted on IVC Evidensia’s Learning Hub
  • Carry out bespoke training with your team on your export sites
  • Allow your team to “shadow” our OVs on some of our export sites


You can be assured of a friendly and helpful, professional and confidential service.

We have APHA trained auditors among our team, allowing us to regularly audit our OVs, both internally to ensure a consistent approach, and externally, against best industry practice.

We are happy to carry out this for other practices, to help improve their standards of certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you or your practice require assistance with any aspect of animal product export certification.