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The certificates available are broadly split into a number of categories:

MEAT – includes poultry, lamb, beef, pork, venison, goat; fresh, frozen, chilled and processed products (eg burgers, sausages, kebabs), meat flavourings, mechanically recovered meat and offal (eg liver, tripe) and other products (eg bovine hooves, chicken feet/wings/thighs).

DAIRY – includes milk, cream, whey powder, cheese and yoghurt. May be cow, sheep, goat or buffalo origin.

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COMPOSITE – contains processed animal products combined with plant material eg sandwiches, pizza, ready meals.

HIDES – including skins, leather, pelts, feathers, wool, lanolin and bristles. Origin may be cow, sheep, goat, pig, deer and avian.

EGGS – eggs and egg products. This does not include hatching eggs that are dealt with under live animal exports, though some of our OVs are qualified to certify these.

GELATIN – including collagen and casings for human consumption, animal consumption, industrial use and also gelatin in tablet and capsule form.

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LABORATORY – culture media, blood products, test kits, serum, cell lines, etc.

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MISCELLANEOUS – a wide ranging section varying from antlers and bones, to ash, charcoal and used riding boots, with many in between.

PET FOODcanned and dry pet food, and animal feed in both raw ingredient form and final processed form. Also covers fish bait and pet treats/supplements.

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FISHlive fish, fresh and processed fish and fish products, including crustaceans and molluscs.

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ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTSproducts not fit for human consumption, that may be used for animal feed, fertiliser etc.

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HONEY – fresh honey and other products containing honey.

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