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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 3)

N   NATIONAL Amivet has a team of veterinary surgeons all qualified to work as OVs based across the country. This helps us to inspect export loads i...   Read more >

Oops – you can’t send that…..

Here at Amivet we frequently get enquiries from people wanting to export all sorts of things and we will always try to help where we can, or point peo...   Read more >

A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 2)

H   HELP! Even when everything has been done correctly things can still go wrong. Here at Amivet, we have experienced a wide degree of difficulties ...   Read more >

A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 1)

A   APHA This Government department (Animal and Plant Health Agency), through the Centre for International Trade in Carlisle, is responsible for ove...   Read more >

Why can’t you sign my export health certificate?

Much as we would love to help everyone get their EHCs signed straight away, we do have a responsibility to ensure that they are accurate and correct. ...   Read more >

Check out our A-Z (part 3) of #export #food and animal products - full of handy tips. Here we cover N through to S. https://t.co/lyRHYbBz4H

Certifying Support Officer role proposed by APHA and RCVS would be to assist (not replace) OVs in overall process of verification & certification. EHCs would still be signed by a vet for products of animal origin. Is this a helpful move? https://t.co/RiDvTp9Du2

#Food #markets and #opportunities. Where and how to #export post #Brexit. https://t.co/kBsbIw2ZWq

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