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Changes to export health certificates over 2018/9….

At Amivet, we regularly check to see if there are any export health certificates (EHCs) that have been launched, updated, suspended or even deleted an...   Read more >

8 top tips for export success in 2019

Now is a great time to take stock and make plans to increase in your exports in 2019. With the uncertainty continuing over Brexit, many companies are...   Read more >

A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 4)

The final part of our guide to food exporting worldwide sees us cover from T right through to Z. T   TRACES The Trade Control and Export System is a...   Read more >

A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 3)

N   NATIONAL Amivet has a team of veterinary surgeons all qualified to work as OVs based across the country. This helps us to inspect export loads i...   Read more >

Oops – you can’t send that…..

Here at Amivet we frequently get enquiries from people wanting to export all sorts of things and we will always try to help where we can, or point peo...   Read more >

Do you #export #food? Check our useful website tool to find what you can send and where to worldwide..... https://t.co/wtGq7pSRsO

Do you #export #food or #POAO products of animal origin worldwide? What does this include? Do you need an export health certificate #EHC? https://t.co/fkwCeCA1Na

This week we have been asked about export health certificates #EHC for:- #export of #cheesecakes to #USA, #cheese to #Japan, #pet food to just about everywhere, #pork to #Singapore; #anotherdayattheoffice https://t.co/lkiyW2ODg7

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