tom the draft border target operating model

The UK Government has recently published the draft version of the TOM or target operating model. This has the goal of “creating the most effective border in the world, by introducing an improved regime of sanitary, phytosanitary and security controls on imports.

This will have an impact on goods, particularly food products of animal origin, that are being imported into the UK from the EU and the rest of world. The model is currently being reviewed with industry feedback, the intention being to publish the final version in June 2023.

The salient points are:-

  • Requirement for EHC (export health certificates) from EU countries, being phased in from October 2023
  • Simplified, digital EHC from both EU and rest of the world
  • New BCPs (border control posts) being built
  • A new, global, risk-based approach, creating “high”, “medium” and “low” categories, based on the product and originating country, eg.
    • High risk – live animals, fish and germplasm
    • Medium risk – meat, dairy, eggs and fish products
    • Low risk – gelatin, collagen, shelf stable composite products

Creation of a “single trade window” for all import requirements

England, Scotland and Wales will align, although different rules will apply to Northern Ireland due to its unique status.

While broadly welcoming the principles of the TOM, we need to ensure that it is implemented with good communication and collaboration between Government and industry, in a timely manner. We also need to ensure that it is suitable to protect animal and public health by preventing substandard imports and also to minimise the risk of introducing exotic and/or notifiable disease to the UK.

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