The Importing of food and other products of animal origin to the UK must now have an export health certificate signed by an official vet in the country of origin.

Border Target Operating Model

With the phased introduction of the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) to UK borders, these goods will be required to enter via a Border Control Post (BCP) and will be subject to an audit inspection.

This inspection will consist of a documentary check, identity check and a physical check, potentially including sampling, based on the product’s risk profile. The BCPs will be staffed by veterinarians trained in import procedures, known as portal vets.

Border Control Post BCP customs checks border officers
Border Control Post (BCP) officers.

IPAFFS System Advance Notification

Prior notification must be made by the importer on the IPAFFS system (Imports of Products, animals, food and feed system) and will be used to generate a CHED (common health entry document) that will confirm legal entry to the UK.

Failure to notify or provide the correct documentation may result in the shipment being reexported, repurposed or destroyed.

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