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What is an import permit and why do you need one?

Posted by forever | Posted 26th September 2016 | Blog

When you export animal products to different countries, you need an Export Health Certificate (EHC). These are drawn up when the UK agrees with another country what health requirements need to be met to make sure the product is ‘safe’.

The aim of EHCs is to prevent diseases from entering countries and avoid risks to public health.

What is an import permit?
Some countries go a stage further than EHCs and also require an ‘import permit’. This is normally applied for by the importer or their agent and may incur a cost. We can provide advice about whether you need an import permit and who to contact to apply for one; call us on 07765 642 273 for more information.

What is it for?
Import permits stipulate the entry conditions that must be met. They state which parts of the EHC need completing, with the import permit number normally being recorded on the EHC.

While some countries such as the USA may issue statements saying that an import permit is ‘not’ required, they may still list a set of import conditions to follow.

What else do you need to know?

  • List all of the products you might export – it is best to be as broad as possible and list the names of all of the products you may export, rather than going back later and changing it.
  • Most permits only cover a certain time period – they are usually valid for 1 or 2 years.
  • You need to check the shipping arrangements – some permits allow multiple shipments while in countries like South Africa permits are usually only valid for a single shipment.

Check out an example of an import permit here.

How can you get expert advice?
Our knowledge covers a wide range of animal products and countries. So, for advice about import permits and Export Health Certificates, call our team of qualified export vets on 07765 642 273 or 0161 929 1887. Alternatively you can email us at andrew@amivet.co.uk.

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OV Focus - Jemma Webley BVMS MRCVS

Jemma joined Amivet in 2015 after qualifying in veterinary product exportation and is now part of the team providing essential services. Outside of work Jemma is a keen gardener who also takes part in open water swimming events.

Karina Pearson MSC Food Technology; OCQ (AHP) – CSO

Karina has a strong knowledge of quality and food safety systems, and international food legislation.Karina joined Amivet in March 2019 as a CSO to support export certification services in the Home Counties and London area.

OV Focus - Jenny Grewal - BVSc CertAVP(CP), MRCVS

Graduated in 2008, then internship at Langford Vets, followed by a position in Chippenham, which included export work. In 2016, I started to do a mix of small, farm and exotic work as a locum, along with export certification.

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