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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 3)

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Amivet has a team of veterinary surgeons all qualified to work as OVs based across the country. This helps us to inspect export loads in many different locations to serve you better. It also allows for a greater flexibility in terms of speed and availability of an OV to carry out your inspection.



That’s us! In order to export products of animal origin from the UK to outside of the EU, you may require an export health certificate (EHC) signed by an Official Veterinarian. OVs must have undergone rigorous extra training in general export work, plus a specific module in product exports (panel PX) to be able to sign. This includes on-line learning modules, compiling a casebook and an exam supervised by another vet. Very few vets in the UK are actually panel PX qualified.



Some countries eg USA, China require a “pre-certificate or pre-cert” to be completed by your OV first. This is then emailed, along with supporting documents and application forms to APHA where a ‘full time, salaried, Government Vet’ will sign the final certificate on your behalf. Please be aware this can lead to another 2 working days to be added on to the export timescale.




Whether you are air freighting a small quantity of products or sending weekly container loads we can help you achieve your objectives. Many exporters start out with relatively small loads until demand increases. However, even if the load is small, the inspection and certification process needs to be followed to ensure clearance through customs. Irrespective of the amount, the quality of the goods must meet the standards required on the certificate in regard to origin, labelling, health status and disease risk.


On occasion, there may be an issue with an EHC eg customs require an amendment, EHC has been lost in transit, change in order etc Sometimes, we may be able to handwrite an amendment and initial and stamp. However there are times when we cannot do this. In these cases, the exporter needs to request a ‘cancel and replace’ using form ET135, for APHA to consider issuing a replacement EHC. Please note this is not automatic and will be at APHA’s discretion once other options have been explored.



All OV’s have their own unique APHA issued stamp with their personal number on. This can only be used on Government issued documents at the end of the certifying process but must also be used to accompany any amendments made on the certificate. It is helpful at the time of certificate application to have correct details on the application, or leave blank for us to complete, or put on a separate schedule. Then only minimal amendments are needed to stop the need for multiple ink stamps covering your certificate. We find that consignments accompanied with a certificate covered in numerous crossings out and ink stamps tend to arouse attention and some countries do not allow any hand written amendments to their certificates at all.



To be continued…….but for further information about any aspect of exporting, please contact us here.


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