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A to Z of food and animal product exports (part 1)

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This Government department (Animal and Plant Health Agency), through the Centre for International Trade in Carlisle, is responsible for overseeing the exports of food and products of animal origin. If you are applying for an export health certificate then they will issue it. Either contact them by email or on 0300200301.


With all the uncertainty for the future of export markets into the EU, establishing new trade partners outside the EU is the way companies are exploring to minimise the possible impact it may have. If you are looking into new markets, we can help you through the process. We also have our unique export map and tool to provide further help.


There are some many things that are being exported all around the world. Here at Amivet, we deal with a wide range of products from highly processed commodities like bottled sauces and delicious desserts through to leather, frozen meat cuts and milk. Meat and dairy are the two main exports, but we also deal with fish, eggs, hides and skins, gelatin, pet food, laboratory materials and much more.




As they say the devil is in the detail! All information supplied to us needs to be accurate and up-to-date otherwise there is a risk that the certificate may be incorrect and the consignment rejected. Not only does this lead to a loss of revenue to the exporter, it can jeopardise future exports. We will advise on what we need and must have the correct documents and any declarations must be word perfect.

E EHC (Export Health Certificate)

That magic piece of paper that says your consignment has been inspected and complies with all the necessary requirements for entry into the importing country. This is produced by APHA and is the official document to complete, sign and stamp on your behalf. Most are still a printed copy, but some are issued electronically through TRACES.


We pride ourselves on being open and friendly with all our clients. Exporting can be a high-pressure business and we aim to make it as easy for you as possible. We can guide you through the process and answer your questions and point you in the right direction. You will normally have a single point of contact to ensure continuity although we can of course provide cover for holidays etc


International trade is truly global and new markets are opening up to UK exporters. If you have aspirations to venture into new areas we can work with you and our contacts at various export organisations such as AHDB and UKFDEA to help you explore the possibilities. We have been involved in getting some new EHCs drawn up for new markets or commodities.


To be continued…….but for further information about any aspect of exporting, please contact us here.


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