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Over 48 new export health certificates launched in 2017....

Posted by andrewivesonadmin | Posted 17th January 2018 | Blog, and News

At Amivet, we regularly check to see if there are any export health certificates (EHCs) that have been launched, updated, suspended or even deleted and then we contact our clients in the sectors they export to advise them as such. We also keep our export tool and export map as up to date as we can. However, EHCs can change at short notice, such as disease outbreaks, so it is always worth contacting us for the latest information.

When we get an EHC to sign, we will always check the requirements and the associated guidance notes to ensure that all the paragraphs can be certified correctly, to ensure there are no problems on arrival in the destination country.

The table below shows the EHCs that have been ADDED during 2017.

Commodity Sector Destination Country EHC Title EHC Number
Dairy Japan Raw Milk and Milk Products from Cloven-Hoofed Animals (nb replaced 2691EHC) 8015EHC – V1
Dairy Brazil Dairy Products to Brazil 3241EHC – V1
Dairy Iraq Dairy Products 8066EHC – V1
Egg Canada Egg Products for Export to Canada TRACES
Egg South Africa Egg Products for Human Consumption 8073EHC – V1
Fish Azerbaijan Fish and Fishery Products Intended for Human Consumption 7992EHC – V1
Fish Canada Aquatic Animals for Retail Use of Food Service to Canada TRACES
Fish French Polynesia Fish Products 7307EHC – V1
Fish Moldova Fishery Products Intended for Human Consumption 7991EHC – V1
Fish Oman Fish and Fishery Products for Human Consumption 8053EHC – V1
Fish Ukraine Fish And Fishery Products 8047EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen Korea, Republic of Collagen And Collagen Products Not Intended For Human Or Animal Consumption 7797EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen Cayman Islands Collagen Gel, Casing Or Film of Bovine Origin for Human Consumption 8046EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen China, People’s Republic of Collagen Gel, Casing Or Film For Human Consumption 8026EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen El Salvador Collagen Casings for Human Consumption from the United Kingdom to El Salvador 7995EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen EU Porcine Skins Originating from the United States Of America for Production of Collagen for Human Consumption Intended for Onward Shipment to Third Countries 7999EHC – V2
Gelatin/ collagen Georgia Export To Georgia Of Collagen Casings Intended For Human Consumption 8002EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen Honduras Collagen Casings For Human Consumption From The United Kingdom To Honduras 8012EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen Jamaica Collagen Gel, Casing or Film to Jamaica 8032EHC – V1
Gelatin/ collagen Turkey Collagen Intended For Human Consumption 8025EHC – V1
Laboratory Turkey Highly Refined Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Other Hydrolysed Cartilage Products, Chitosan, Glucosamine, Rennet, Isinglass And Amino Acids Intended For Human Consumption 8050EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Australia Cooked Pig Meat Imported From An Approved Country That Has Undergone Further Preparation In Great Britain 8021EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Hong Kong Export Of Pork/Beef/Mutton (Meat/Offal) From Eligible EU Member States – Excluding Products and Preparations (nb replaced 1957+6669 EHCs) TRACES
Meat/meat products Korea, Republic of Heat Treated Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products to the Republic Of Korea 7850EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Kuwait Meat and Meat Products Derived from the Ovine Species to the Municipality of Kuwait. 7846EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Namibia Export to Namibia of Meat/Meat Products of Bovine Origin (Except Tripe) Produced In EU 7140EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Namibia Frozen Bovine Tripe to the Republic of Namibia 8004EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Philippines Beef to the Philippines 8055EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Russian Federation Finished Food Products Containing Raw Material of Animal Origin 6411EHC – V2
Meat/meat products Russian Federation Official pre-export support certificate for finished food products, containing raw material of animal origin, moved between Member States of the EU and intended for export to the Russian Federation 6431EHC – V1
Meat/meat products South Africa Heat Treated Poultry Meat Products for Human Consumption to the Republic of South Africa (nb replaced 1236EHC) 8006EHC – V1
Meat/meat products Turkey Sheep/Goat Intestines (Cleansed- Untreated) Intended to Import into the Republic of Turkey 8001EHC – V2
Meat/meat products Chile Processed Meat Products (Pork/Beef) TRACES
Miscellaneous products Korea, Republic of Animal Bone Ash For Technical Use 8017EHC – V2
Pet foods/animal feeds Bahrain Dry, Semi-Moist or Canned Petfood Containing No Material From Bovine Animals, Other Than Dairy Products, And No Mammalian Meat Meal, Bone Meal Or Meat And Bone Meal 8069EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Brunei Pet Food 8077EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Cambodia Processed Animal Protein Derived From Ruminant Animals 8045EHC – V2
Pet foods/animal feeds Canada Processed Pet Food Including Canned Pet Food to Canada TRACES
Pet foods/animal feeds Canada Ornamental Bird Food Containing Animal-Origin Ingredients to Canada TRACES
Pet foods/animal feeds Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) Animal Feed (plant origin) to the EU for onward shipment to EEU 8052EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds India Animal Feed Containing Ingredients Of Animal Origin 8071EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Israel Treated Blood Products, Excluding Of Equidae, For The Manufacture Of Derived Products For Purposes Outside The Feed Chain For Farmed Animals 8013EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Morocco Food for Dogs and Cats 7556EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Myanmar Processed Animal Protein Derived From Ruminant Animals 8037EHC – V2
Pet foods/animal feeds Philippines Pet Food 8076EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Serbia Processed Petfood Other Than Canned Petfood 8070EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds United Arab Emirates Fish Feed Containing Ingredients Of Animal Origin 8014EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Zimbabwe Processed Animal Protein Derived From Either Ruminant Animals or a Combination of Ruminant and Non- Ruminant Animals 8065EHC – V1

The table below shows all the EHCs that have been DELETED during 2017.

Commodity Sector Destination Country EHC Title EHC Number
Dairy Japan Dairy products to Japan 2691EHC
Gelatin/ collagen Korea, republic of Gelatin to korea – not intended for human or animal consumption manufactured from material derived from bovine animals slaughtered outside the UK 5908EHC v1
Meat/meat products Mexico Hydrolysed beef protein to Mexico TRACES
Meat/meat products Angola Poultry meat to Angola 4125EHC V1
Meat/meat products Hong Kong Fresh meat/meat preparations to Hong Kong from biungulate animals excluding bovines 1957EHC V1
Meat/meat products Hong Kong Chilled frozen meat and meat products of bovine origin to Hong Kong 6669EHC V2
Meat/meat products Mozambique Porcine/poultry meat 7682EHC
Meat/meat products South Africa Fresh poultry meat inc MRM to RSA 1236EHC V3
Miscellaneous products Chile Blood Products to Chile TRACES
Pet foods/animal feeds Canada Petfood containing bovine ovine porcine or avian ingredients to Canada 7133EHC
Pet foods/animal feeds Canada Petfood containing fishery products to Canada 7692EHC
Pet foods/animal feeds Taiwan Dry/semi moist/canned pet food of fish and poultry origin to Taiwan containing no mammalian ingredients other than dairy products 6682EHC V1

And finally, a table to show which EHCs have been UPDATED/AMENDED in 2017.

Commodity Sector Destination Country EHC Title EHC Number
Dairy Morocco Dairy Products to Morocco – Manufactured from Heat Treated Milk 3665EHC – V4
Dairy Ukraine Heat Treated Milk and Dairy Products 6126EHC – TRACES
Egg Germany Egg Yolk Emulsion/Egg Yolk Tellurite Emulsion to Germany For Onward Shipment (ie USA) 5940EHC – V3
Gelatin/ collagen USA Collagen/Collagen Products to The USA
– from Bovine Hides
5730EHC – V4
Gelatin/ collagen USA Tablets and/or Capsules Which May Contain Lactose and/or Bovine Gelatin For Human Consumption to The USA 6864EHC – V2
Gelatin/ collagen USA Collagen Gel, Casing or Film of Poultry Origin for Human Consumption from The United Kingdom to the USA 7707EHC – V4
Meat/meat products Australia Retorted Animal Products Containing More Than 5% Meat Content For Human Consumption 7355EHC – V2
Meat/meat products China, People’s Republic of Pigmeat to the People’s Republic of China 7006EHC – V3
Meat/meat products Korea, Republic of Fresh (Frozen) Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products to the Republic of Korea 1638EHC – V3
Meat/meat products Moldova Poultry Products to Moldova 5382EHC – V2
Meat/meat products Pakistan Poultry Meat And Mechanically Recovered Poultry Meat to Pakistan 7283EHC – V1
Pet foods/animal feeds Australia Petfood Additives to Australia 7205EHC – V2
Pet foods/animal feeds Chile Petfood / Dog Chews to Chile 7053EHC – TRACES


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