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Amivet Exports launches video guide to exporting

Whether you are new to exporting food or animal products or have done it before, it may seem a complicated process, with some potential pitfalls on th...   Read more >

New application form for poultry exports due to avian influenza ‘bird flu’

APHA have issued a new EXA07 application form for poultry exports from the UK. This is due to the recent outbreaks of avian influenza (AI) in the UK. ...   Read more >

China – new food safety law?

For many years, there has been rapid growth in China, which has led to new regulations in many industries. Included in this, we saw the introduction o...   Read more >

8 top tips for export success in 2017

Now is a great time to make plans for an increase in your exports in 2017. Our top tips, listed below, are specifically designed to act as a health c...   Read more >

‘Bird flu’ (HPAI) – how will this affect the poultry export trade?

For farmers and all producers of food and animal products, there are certain events that may affect their ability to trade on a global scale. Sadly, H...   Read more >