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5 step guide to growing your food exports

So you may be a food producer or manufacturer that already sells your goods to the UK market. You may even already export overseas. What next? There i...   Read more >

What is an import permit and why do you need one?

When you export animal products to different countries, you need an Export Health Certificate (EHC). These are drawn up when the UK agrees with anothe...   Read more >

ESVOT conference in London

Andrew Iveson recently attended one of the world’s premier veterinary orthopaedic conferences, situated in London at the Queen Elizabeth II conf...   Read more >

How to get a brand new Export Health Certificate issued for a new market

Export Health Certificates (EHCs) are regularly updated to keep pace with the changing status of global animal health. There are over 1,500 available,...   Read more >

Everything you need to know about Export Health Certificates

An Export Health Certificate or EHC is a document that confirms that certain information, health standards and regulations have been met – so an...   Read more >

Where do I start? Newbie or an experienced exporter? We are here for you. We offer a tailor made approach, if you need guiding through the whole process from start to finish, or just need an OV for site check and EHC signing, we will do our best to help.

Are you ready for SRSF on 14th Dec? New regulations for plant and animal health, new official controls, new TRACES system...http://ow.ly/y0Kf50xtmA7

Many food items and products of animal origin will require an ‘Export Health Certificate’ or EHC, signed by an official veterinary surgeon (OV). There are currently around 37 different EHCs available. Let Amivet Exports help guide you through the process. #export

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